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Blog pic Ask the expert: How to generate your own PR

Working with The Nurture Network team, I get to work with some brilliant marketing experts who are specialists in their field. I’m always amazed by the top tips that they share so I thought I’d start featuring guests posts from

shutterstock_85433167 Sharing your own content is a bad idea…

The end goal of marketing might be to make more money, but getting to that point takes time. That also means you can’t overload your potential customers with content exclusively from your blog or website. If you’re confident in the

rocket Resolutions to add rocket fuel to your social media

Resolutions are all about setting new goals and starting new habits and as such we’ve been discussing how to be more efficient with social media – especially as it can sap time and energy if we’re not careful. After much discussion,

F1Spielberg The 10 commandments for producing a successful event

Nadia Moussa is a freelance event producer and Director of D4 Productions in London and one of The Nurture Network’s fabulous marketing associates. She has created and produced events for some of the biggest brand names around – From Wimbledon

Nadia Moussa cropped A day in the life of… an Event Producer

Nadia Moussa is a freelance event producer and Director of D4 Productions in London and one of The Nurture Network’s fabulous marketing associates. She has created and produced events for some of the biggest brand names around – From Wimbledon

C25310010Smooth_Fr2.pdf.pdf Collaborative Marketing and how it recently got all ‘Friendly’

Collaborative marketing has long been the best kept secret of start-up and entrepreneurial brands – as it is a super way to reach new customers when budgets are tight (or none existent!). But we are increasingly seeing big brands look

shutterstock_91046513 7 tips for leveraging social media B2B

As a growth B2B company, social media provides a window into the conversations and thoughts of your clients, their clients, your competitors, influencers within your industry and most importantly an opportunity to take a lead in the conversations that shape

nn_brand 7 ways to use your brand to accelerate your business – part 2

Last week, I released part 1 of this little two part series on the topic of branding. More specifically – how can you build a brand that means something and has the power to drive your ambitious business? It’s a

onlyness 7 ways to use your brand to accelerate your business – part 1

When I’m out and about speaking and running workshops on marketing I’m often faced with puzzled looks when I start talking about branding – but your brand – when well considered – can become one of your strongest marketing assets.

shutterstock_115381684 You can get and handle press for your business yourself

For every piece of coverage appearing on the BBC or in the Financial Times, there are hundreds of smaller more niche opportunities out there that might actually prove more suitable at reaching your audience and this is who you want

shutterstock_101606647 What can you learn from other savvy businesses on how to do marketing on a budget?

There are businesses that we know, love  and work with that come up with some ingenious ideas to spread word of their business on a real budget. Rather than get down in the dumps about not having big advertising budgets,

shutterstock_105509639 Are you measuring your success online?

You are working blind if you are trying to implement an effective marketing strategy without analysing your performance and now it has never been more accessible to keep track of your results for the activities you do online. There is

Collaboration-300x225 How to motivate your team with a vision they believe in

As a company founder, CEO or MD it is our job to mobilise our people behind a common goal – because single handed attempts will prevent your business from reaching it’s true potential. This means defining a vision that motivates them. Having

HSBC article What’s in a brand? Top tips for utilising your brand for your business growth

Christina’s most recent article on Branding and how to use it to grow your business has been published on the HSBC Knowledge Hub – you can read it here: Brands are a whole lot more than just a logo and

3685583354_28d00b9595 Become the media maestro for your business

Driving awareness is a key challenge for any start-up, and a major part of what I do with the businesses I work with. As a budget-efficient channel, PR is often called upon to help achieve this objective – and whilst

nn_consumer How customer focused is your business?

Marketing – by our definition – includes every touch-point with your customer. Why? Because every touch-point leaves an impression of your brand and your business on that customer, which directly impacts whether they will return and what they might tell

S4S logo Collaborative Marketing at it’s best as year 2 of charity campaign goes live today

Last year, The Nurture Network helped award winning start-up and bespoke tailoring company A Suit That Fits launch their first national campaign A Suit for Success, with a resounding response. We received over 1000 donations – which helped the beneficiaries of our three

Internet Security Top Tips on how you can increase trust online

Does internet privacy, cookies, tracking and all the rest start to worry you if you start to think about it too much? In business and in life as a whole, we all seem to stuck our heads in the sand – but

Sharing economy on the home page of Donut Marketing Donut feature: Why it pays to make friends with other businesses

Our sharing economy ethos is spreading, and this month the team at The Marketing Donut ran our article on Why it pays to make friends with other businesses, featuring great case studies from A Suit That Fits and ruby+diva. Read the full article here.

linkedin_logo What is your LinkedIn profile saying about you behind your back?

LinkedIn connects 187m professionals around the world – with 10 million in the UK  – but it’s more than just a 21st century roller deck; to build an online profile successfully requires a clear understanding of your objectives first. So think, why

Collaboration-300x225 Work together with your marketing and get results on a budget

The biggest challenge for most new brands is lack of awareness but there is a clever way to reach more people: Marketing collaboration – the best kept secret of the entrepreneurial world.  Over 60% of start-ups and small businesses are

collaboration-brand-banner Are you using the Sharing Economy to grow your business?

The rising trend labelled the Sharing Economy has, up to now, not really caught the attention of the masses, and yet it has embedded itself into our consumer lives in numerous ways. The trend wraps up all the platforms and

Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Lacking Creativity- Write effective headlines and consumers will come

The subject line, headline and lead are the most important aspects to any email campaign. So how do you write better ones and build a memorable marketing strategy around them? While eight of 10 people will read your headline, about

shutterstock_118240645 Customer service is social: 5 lessons from SMEs in the know

As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos famously said, “your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. According to recent research from online giant Rakuten – the company behind Play.com – 46% of shoppers in the

shutterstock_81888409 How to reconnect your leadership team with your customer

Leading a dynamic, entrepreneurial SME is often akin to the battle of David and Goliath. To win against the big fish you need to be clever and exploit their vulnerabilities; their tendency to become slow moving, tied up in decision-making

shutterstock_101900308 How to create content so customers find you

The way we consume media has dramatically changed in the last ten years: from smart phones to LinkedIn Today to Facebook and Twitter, we now all have information at our finger tips, instantaneously. This firstly means you and your business

shutterstock_83013571 How to write an engaging brief to get the best from creative people

Whether it is for your business stationary, a print advert or creative for a whole media campaign, SMEs need creative services, and getting the best results starts with a clear and inspiring brief from you, the brand owner. There are

shutterstock_99668558 Have you googled yourself recently?

As leaders of ambitious SMEs you and your brand will be searched for online by potential customers, so it is vital that what they find helps secure a sale. Whether you are targeting a global or local audience, customers need

shutterstock_103693124 The branding behaviours of high growth businesses

The most powerful brands mean something to people; they have values and are emotionally attractive to their target audience. Whether you look at a social-tech start-up like Instagram, which sold to Facebook for $1bn aged just 18 months old, or

shutterstock_85433167 Navigating the latest ten Marketing Buzzwords in the Boardroom

Ever been sat in a meeting listening to those around the table firing buzzwords back and forth, only to head back to the office to Google the offending words? We certainly have: Where marketing provides an umbrella for so many