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5174969441_f8d0ef7b2a1 Your marketing will only be successful if you think about your objectives first
We have the privilege of working with some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs and business founders every day. But since most of them are real ideas people there is often a ‘creative conflict’ as we work to keep focus on
audi-takes-quick-chess-lessons-from-bmw1 Be creative with media to cut through the noise
Not long ago I wrote about how making people laugh can really cut through the media ‘noise’ out there – with great examples of brands like being creative in both where they talk, and what they say. If you missed

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shutterstock_115381684 You can get and handle press for your business yourself
For every piece of coverage appearing on the BBC or in the Financial Times, there are hundreds of smaller more niche opportunities out there that might actually prove more suitable at reaching your audience and this is who you want
HSBC article What’s in a brand? Top tips for utilising your brand for your business growth
Christina’s most recent article on Branding and how to use it to grow your business has been published on the HSBC Knowledge Hub – you can read it here: Brands are a whole lot more than just a logo and
3685583354_28d00b9595 Become the media maestro for your business
Driving awareness is a key challenge for any start-up, and a major part of what I do with the businesses I work with. As a budget-efficient channel, PR is often called upon to help achieve this objective – and whilst