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The training, advice & hands-on support needed to fuel ambitious start-ups & entrepreneurial brands

Group courses and masterclasses to build knowledge. Launching and running a business is a steep learning curve but with our workshops you can be sure to find the right info whatever stage you’re at.


Your start-up marketing strategy done in a day. Find out how our dynamic planning sessions, created bespoke to your needs, will set you up with a launch or marketing plan for your business or startup


The advice & hands-on support you need just when you need it. If you want a part-time CMO, advisor, or coach; or a great marketing specialist to get hands-on, we’ve got the network to make it happen


The startup marketing blog. Packed full of content from marketing experts for launching and growing a business – covering every aspect of entrepreneurial marketing from branding to launch PR

A quick hello

Founder and chief around here is Christina: She spent much of her career managing and growing FMCG brands at Nestle and Robinsons, then turned her hand to young start-up brands, and has never looked back since. She founded The Nurture Network purely to serve entrepreneurs and SMEs with practical marketing training and support, but has also co-founded two technology start-ups herself - so knows first hand what it is like to launch and grow a new business. Her first technology business launched in 2012 was acquired by Enterprise Nation in 2015, and today she spends much of her time focusing on the growth of her latest business, content marketing platform Openr. As well as this she teaches Entrepreneurial Marketing at UCL and is a mentor at Bathtub2Boardroom

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