The Business Matters Magazine Series: Marketing & branding advice for startups & entrepreneurs

The Business Matters team publish helpful content for SME business owners on a variety of business topics, but asked Christina to write a mini series on marketing Effective marketing campaigns begin with channel clarity – Have a read The Marketing Mindset of High Growth Business Leaders – Have a read  

The branding behaviours of high growth businesses

The most powerful brands mean something to people; they have values and are emotionally attractive to their target audience. Whether you look at a social-tech start-up like Instagram, which sold to Facebook for $1bn aged just 18 months old, or at UK consumer brands like Ella’s Kitchen, which at six years old now has 14%[…]

Navigating the latest ten Marketing Buzzwords in the Boardroom

Ever been sat in a meeting listening to those around the table firing buzzwords back and forth, only to head back to the office to Google the offending words? We certainly have: Where marketing provides an umbrella for so many traditional, digital and creative specialisms it has become one of the biggest culprits for developing[…]

How to lay the foundations for a marketing strategy that works

Every start-up entrepreneur sets out, armed with flip chart and pens, on a mission to draw up the perfect business plan. This often starts with a grand vision, and is accompanied by the financials to get there. But what continually surprises me, is just how few businesses, big or small, consider the customer drivers that[…]