Quick Tips – 3 Social media marketing faux pas you might want to avoid

Over the past five years, social media has become a key component of marketing for all kinds of businesses. If your company doesn’t have a good social media presence in 2015, frankly, it may as well not exist. However, in their eagerness to be part of this digital revolution, some businesses don’t stop to learn the basics of social media marketing strategy before they start tweeting, posting and Instagramming. This can lead to some embarrassing online faux pas.
Here are some common mistakes you should avoid:
1. Keep a tuned to your tone
You may think you have a good understanding of social media if you already use it to chat with friends and share updates on your personal life. However, the language and content you use when you’re representing yourself is not necessarily suitable for your brand. Anything you post will be seen as a representation of the company as whole, so you have a responsibility to present the business in a professional way.
2. Always tune into you audience
Every brand has a different consumer base, and you need to understand yours in order to impress them on social media. Some companies, such as Arena Flowers and Oreo, are known for their humorous social media posts, which have helped them build a huge online following. If you have a talent for creating amusing content that connects with your target audience and gives your brand a strong personality, that’s great, but only if this approach is suitable for your brand. Some companies are safer sticking with a more formal and serious online voice.
3. Failing at the basics
On your personal social media accounts, you can learn online etiquette by trial and error as you go along, but not when you’re representing a business. Your account must be professional from the very first post. For example, you need to learn how to mention other users, using the @ sign followed by the person’s username. You should also learn the correct use of hashtags, which is to tag the subject of your message, which adds your tweet to the wider conversation on that topic. You may need to bring in a digital marketing expert for guidance. There are many amazing tips and tricks that can help you maximise your social media success if you take the time to learn before you launch.
It doesn’t take long to learn social media etiquette, and once you do, you’ll be on the way to building your business reputation online.
Image: Can You Etch It – Social media refrigerator magnets – Laser engraved by Book Worm Laser & Design licensed under Creative commons 4
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