4 Ways to market your brand on Snapchat

Snapchat is coming into full swing with millions of people using it everyday allowing marketers to give customers a whole new perspective on their company or brand. You can record and instantly upload pictures and videos in real time to create a dynamic version of your brand story, and that  creates a whole new marketing channel.
Take people behind the scenes
Perhaps the most rewarding way to use Snapchat is as a channel to give customers and fans immediate behind the scenes access. By allowing you to record and take pictures then instantly share them with followers it couldn’t be easier to give your viewers an insight into what goes on behind closed doors. This kind of access can make people feel more connected to your brand and can encourage them to feel more loyal to the brand.
Special exclusive discounts
Snapchat is also a great way to create exclusivity by giving your Snapchat followers specific discount codes just for them. Such exclusivity works particularly well because of the demographic of Snapchat users. This not only encourages more people to join your brand on Snapchat but also makes them feel more special and again a more valued customer – increasing brand loyalty. In addition, by building this idea of exclusivity followers are more likely to tell their friends about you, which increases awareness and adds new followers too.
Promote events
Snapchat can be a valuable tool around brand events. Not only do followers get behind the scenes access whilst the event is happening but it also allows you to create a lot of excitement around your event by taking your followers on a journey whilst planning, creating and adding the final touches as well as getting them involved in the action.
So have you incorporated Snapchat into your marketing strategy yet? 
Header Image: Flickr 

This article was written by guest writer Chloe Winyard – marketing executive extraordinaire