Expert expo: 5 Top Tips from Tamsin to improve your email open rate

Let’s kick off the post-summer phase with an Expert Expo from Tamsin Fox-Davies – email marketing extraordinaire  a superstar PR when it comes to self-promoting for your business. Over to Tamsin…
Whether your a business owner promoting your own business or a marketing person working on multiple brands – it’s such a disappointment if you send an email or a newsletter and it doesn’t get the attention you’d hoped for. At the end of the day, you work hard on the messages you send out. You want to make sure the response you get makes the emails worth your time and effort. So whether you’re in the know and just need a refresher, starting from scratch or are somewhere in between here are 5 simple ways you can improve your email open rates:
1. Make a great first impression
We all know that first impressions matter. When it comes to the inbox, the first impression you’re making is with your subject line.
Keep these three things in mind when you’re creating a subject line:

  • Length: What good is your subject line if people can’t read it? Make sure your subject line doesn’t get cut short by keeping it under 40 characters or about five to eight words.
  • Spam filters: Subject lines that are aggressively promotional are often the most likely to be marked as spam. That means you should avoid loud punctuation like all caps and multiple exclamation points, as well as overtly promotional language like “Buy now.”
  • Your audience: You know your audience better than anyone — think about what will really get their attention. Some things you can try are asking questions, providing a teaser, making an announcement, giving a deadline, or calling out multimedia like videos or photos.

2. Be recognisable
In addition to choosing an attention-grabbing subject line, you need to be sure your contacts know the message is coming from you. Use a familiar from name and from email address that represents your business. If possible use an email address with your business’s name in it, rather than a personal email.
You can also brand your subject line when appropriate. For example, “Peppermint mochas are back at Ella’s Café.”
3. Ask for feedback
Want to send content that does a better job of connecting with your audience? Ask them what they’d like to receive from you!
You can use an online survey to ask your contacts a few questions about what they would like to receive from you.Ask them what they like most about your emails, and also what additional things they’d be interested in.
A simple ask can show your contacts how much you value their input. Make sure you’re taking their suggestions seriously and incorporating their ideas into your strategy whenever you can.
4. Deliver targeted messages
Another great thing about collecting information from your audience is that you can use it to group contacts into different segments. By segmenting your audience into smaller lists, you can send targeted emails that feel more personal and relevant to your audience.
For example, if your yoga studio has a separate list for people interested in yoga retreats and nutrition classes, you can reach out to a specific group when you have a relevant updates.
5. Run a reengagement campaign
Think about the ways you can reach the contacts on your list who haven’t been engaging with your lately.
Start by using your email reports to find out which contacts haven’t opened your past few emails. Then, come up with a plan for reminding them that their support matters to you.
You can send a reengagement campaign that includes a special offer to give them an incentive to reconnect with you, or just check in and ask if there’s anything you can do todo a better job of reaching them.
The subject line here is important too. Something like “Because We Miss You” of “How are things going?” will stand out and get them to open your message. It’ll get your contacts to open up!
Try out these ideas and see what they can do for your business. Hopefully you’ll be reaching a larger and more engaged audience than before, and you’ll start seeing the results you want.
Once your open rate is in a good place, start thinking about what you can do to boost your click-through rate and create emails that drive action.

TamsinFoxDaviesThese top tips were written by Tamsin Fox-Davies, small business evangelist and email marketing superstar. She is currently putting her marketing skills to work at Bob HR.

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