Quick Tips- 5 Ways to boost your creativity & get your mojo back

Creativity is a crucial part of work and it’s key when it comes to marketing. Creativity and the creative thinking process is what makes you good at what you do but we all hit a wall sometimes – especially when marketing copy or content deadlines are looming! So how do you get your creativity mojo back? Here are 5 ways you can give your creativity a boost today.

Listen to music as you work

Now I’m not saying turn your workplace into a gig like atmosphere, but lots of different types of music can help you boost your creativity. Classical, electronic and even video game soundtracks are a great accompaniment for your work days. It all depends on the tempo and ood you’re needing to create for your work, but any music will help you zone out of the general office noise and tune into your work focus.

Find yourself something to doodle on

Doodling is a great way to get your ideas out in a more creative fashion. Importantly it also gets your eyes off of your computer screen and gives your brain a rest too. Allowing your thoughts to be spread out on paper can really help ideas to flow more easily and is a great way to map out complex problems too. In creating these doodles and maps you will be able to see more clearly the relationship between your ideas.

Take regular breaks

Breaks allow you to split up your work day and give your brain time to work on ideas without being stuck in the cycle of work, work and more work. In an ideal world you’d take a short break from your screen every hour – even if it’s just to get up and make a cuppa. Putting these micro-breaks into your calendar can be a useful reminder, just don’t let them be taken up with non-break related things at your screen (like facebook!).

Travel time

Our minds love to see new things that stimulate and sharpen our senses. Travel is a great way to do this. It allows you to see, hear and smell new things allowing your brain to think in new ways. So can you take a trip; set up your laptop in a new environment for a day; or even take a trip to a new country and witness a whole new culture?

Connect with other people

When you hit a creative block there is no better way to break out of the cycle than to talk to other people. Use those around you to bounce ideas off of; see what ideas they have and how they approach work. If no-one is to hand dive into Google and read others’ blogs on the subject to get you motivated and back on track again.
So there we have it 5 ways to help you get out of the “I have no idea where to start” block and boost your creativity.
Header Image: Flickr
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