5 ways to get the best out of yourself when writing content

Great content is something we are all after but how do we get it and how do we make sure our content is up there with the greats? Well there are many different factors that can affect someone’s content writing and lots of different ways we can get the best out of ourselves. Here are what  I think are the 5 most important ways you can improve your content writing.
Work with deadlines
It’s so easy to get distracted when you are writing content. Having a deadline always helps to stop the procrastination and get on with the task at hand, after all,  we all know how things that don’t have deadlines get pushed to the bottom of the pile over and over again. It not only gives you the motivation to get it done but also helps you in structuring your workload which links nicely to my next point.
Structure your days
When I joined the team I started as quite a disorganised apprentice and by using different ways to set out my goals and objectives my writing has come on in leaps and bounds. Structure is quite hard to create when you don’t really have a good idea of how so I sat down with Christina and she suggested some great ways of organising and structuring my days:

  • Block out time in your calendar for the big tasks
  • Write up a monthly work plan containing goals and KPI’s so you know what is expected
  • Work to a content deployment plan – planning a month ahead what will be published when.

All of these things enabled me to see what I needed to do that month and then structure my time much more proactively.
Plan what you are going to write
It’s never a good idea to just start writing without having thought about it first, this can lead to a post that may be a little rambly or one that just doesn’t make sense. A well structured, well thought out blog post is key to writing good content. This can be done on the computer setting out each part of the article but I love to plan my content on paper as it allows me to freely write all of my thoughts and group them together to hopefully make a good piece of content.
Get feedback in every stage.
For me as an apprentice feedback was key for my learning and it helped me to develop into the marketeer I am now, but feedback is key in everyone’s content writing. Hearing what others think of your ideas and getting constructive criticism is ultimately going to help you to write an awesome piece of content. Feedback in the early stages helps you to not make any huge subject mistakes, and at the end just before publishing it helps you to review and spot those little mistakes you can’t always see when you’ve written the content. Overall the feedback process is invaluable to improve and learn for next time.
Find your most productive writing time
Writing on a Friday afternoon for me is never a good time to get great content done – but I learned that the hard way. It is so important to find when the best time for you to write is, I like writing on Tuesday mornings and tend to always keep my content writing for the mornings or just after lunch as this is when I am most productive and I feel I have the most creativity. The best way to find your optimum time is to experiment with different times and ask yourself when do you most feel like writing? Give some of these a go and see how your content writing improves.
Header Image: Flickr

This article was written by Chloe Winyard – marketing executive extraordinaire