6 Ways to give millennials the customer service they want

Millennials have a completely different view on customer service – and what good looks like when it comes to customer service and this is having a huge impact on brands engaging this vast market as a customer group. The fundamental way in which brands think and approach customer service for this market is having to change. Here are 6 things you should be thinking about to make your brand keep this millennial generation happy.
Millennials are not going to pick up the phone
The millennial generation are not fans of picking up the phone and talking to someone in customer services. They want to be in control and be able to choose how they are going to talk to a company – and they have little patience for brands that aren’t stepping up and responding on their chosen channel. Dell and Virgin were some of the early social-service brands – but it really is expected now as millennials turn to social or text to reach out to brands with questions and … (the dreaded) complaints.  There is no point trying to avoid interaction out in the open – companies have to accept and step up to new ways of communication between brands and the customer.
Multiple devices and channels
Millennials are always online and the devices they are using can vary dramatically meaning that you have to ensure you website has a responsive design and can be viewed on lots of different devices. Brands are expected to be on lots of different channels with Facebook being the favorite but a lot of the time millennials are on more than one channel at a time. Once again brands can’t control this, we all have to respond to our target customers and be where they are.
Authenticity is key
Millennials do not want to hear a scripted customer service person or process. It is absolutely vital for them that the brand is authentic in the way they deal with issues and they want a more personalised service with people speaking to them through Tweets, Facebook posts and texts. These means it’s is not just the channel but also the tone that is key.
They want to know the faces behind the brand
Although they may not want to pick up the phone and speak to someone they like to know the faces behind the brand which means an about us page is key to helping them to connect with your brand. Social media is another place where this can be made apparent, they want to connect with real people from the team which means adding a sign off on a Tweet with your name is a good idea to further connect.
Benefit them
Millennials seek out content that adds value to them, content which is going to make some improvement to their lives and in so doing they will seek out information and recommendations from people close to them. Creating content that will deliver this will encourage them to share it. Furthermore,  sharing positive feedback and reviews will aid the relationship.
Don’t think they will stay
Millennials aren’t likely to stay with a company if they aren’t getting the service that they want and over half of them do so every year. So beware, if the customer service you are providing isn’t the best and you aren’t altering their experience millennials will just move on to the competition.
Great header image: Flickr