7 ways to improve your content writing

Content writing is a key part of many a marketing strategy now but isn’t always easy to write good content that is captivating. So we asked the writers in the Nurture Network tribe for their one tip for writing more engaging content to help improve your blog and captivate your audience.
Put some personality into it
There is a whole world of content out there and there is probably more than one that will tell you the same things just in different ways. Getting personality into your writing from the very start will help your piece to stand out from the rest. It lets your viewers get an insight into you the writer and the brand and they will be able to feel as though they are making more of a connection with those behind the screens and the brand itself.
Keep it short
You don’t want your audience to get bored reading lots of really long sentences. Keep them brief and too the point. Your sentence should very rarely go over two lines. This keeps up the tempo when reading, which helps keep viewers captivated.
Be the reader
Picturing yourself as the reader is a sure fire way to writing good quality content. Work out who you are targeting and look at your piece from their perspective. Will they get bored? What are they going to gain from reading it? This will help you to refine your content and make sure you are publishing the best content you can.
Come back to it
Writing can be quite a long task and, whether you enjoy it or not, getting it all done and out in one day is rarely the best way to deliver great content. I believe it is always worth coming back to your content the next day (or at least after an hour or two) to give it the final read over. You’ll have a fresh pair of eyes that  can spot mistakes much more easily than if you have been looking at the same document for a long period of time.  
Put your best things first
People will know within the first five seconds of reading a piece of content if they want to read it all or not. Put your killer facts right at the top to grab their attention and captivate them. Saving the best until last doesn’t usually work with content writing.
Make it easy to understand
It is so easy to fill your content with jargon but who does that appeal to? It’s likely that only a select group will understand what all this jargon means, you need to make sure your content is enjoyable to a wider target group. So strip out the jargon to  avoid turning people away – it’ll only make you or your brand seem a lot less approachable.
Spell check
This may seem obvious but it is so important to ensure that your spelling and grammar are correct before publishing your piece. If you misspell a word or use incorrect grammar it looks very sloppy and people will not trust you or feel compelled to read any more of your content.
So there are 7 ways to improve your content writing, let us know your thoughts.
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This article was written by guest writer Chloe Winyard – marketing executive extraordinaire.