A room full of amazing women

What an inspiring evening! Last night celebrated the third Stylist Magazine networking event for aspiring entrepreneurs, and once again the room was full of beautiful, fascinating and visionary women sipping champagne. Business world watch out!
The speakers for the evening, hosted by acting editor Susan Riley, were Chrissie Charlton, print press designer who co-founder Harrington & Squires; Claire Martinsen, the brains behind ‘posh pop’  Breckland Orchard; the internationally-acclaimed designer Donna Wilson; and Emma Goss-Custard who has created the inspiring business Honeybuns out of delicious cakes.
They spoke emphatically about their ventures – about the love and passion you need to get it going, and about the entertaining lengths you sometimes go to to bring it to life. Claire spoke particularly about planning, and the ‘business plan’ topic received much air time. Emma, Claire and Donna all spoke about how daunting an idea the business plan was, empathising with the many budding entrepreneurs so intimidated by the long list of business plan content, suggested by some, that they end up doing nothing.
It can be made easier if we stop thinking about them as ‘business plans’ – and start thinking about them as a personal vision: In my workshops we talk about what you want to do; who does something similar; how you are going to be different; who will want it; and where you will find those people to tell them about it. Suddenly it is a less daunting task – and entrepreneurs have a vision for what they want to do.
Irrespective of the each speakers approach to planning at the start of their personal journey – they were united on stage – it was their vision for the future that drove them, and gave them the confidence to start-out.
Thank you Stylist, Emma, Chrissie, Donna and Claire for a truly inspiring evening.
More workshops will be coming soon from The Nurture Network