Group classes & workshops

Launching and growing a business is a seriously steep learning curve. Even more so when it comes to marketing, as technology and tactics emerge and develop so regularly. That's why we developed a whole range of group courses and workshops so you can be sure to find the right info whatever stage you’re at. From getting the marketing basics right for launching your startup, to developing a 1 year marketing plan for scaling your startup, we'll have the course to get you going.


The 3 day marketing bootcamp

In this action-orientated 3-day course you'll learn what you need to do to launch or grow your business. A range of easy-to-apply frameworks and tools designed just for startups and small businesses, will be used alongside interactive teaching, hands-on exercises, and case studies so that you will know how to build a marketing plan set for success. You will leave with a clear roadmap of how to apply all this to any venture or project at a practical level across online marketing, PR and other key channels, even on the tight budgets that are an inevitable reality for entrepreneurs and SMEs. The course provides a solid foundation to marketing and provides clear direction on how to get going as well, making it an ideal option for business owners, as well as those interested in or aspiring to be entrepreneurs in the future.

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