On a mission to make start-up innovation flourish & support those brave enough to try it

Over the last 20 years I’ve become the marketer, the entrepreneur, the innovator and the teacher; and what unites this unique blend is my passion to make things happen and my commitment to helping others’ do the same. My mission is to make start-up innovation flourish and to support other entrepreneurial teams navigating the journey[…]

[Press] 200 business leaders and MPs sign Telegraph letter urging Government to boost female entrepreneurship in Britain

Our Open Letter to the Telegraph landed today to coincide with International Women’s day. Two hundred business leaders, entrepreneurs, Members of Parliament and academics joined The Telegraph in calling on the Government to boost female entrepreneurship in Britain. Leveling the playing field will boost business for the whole country; this is not just about women,[…]

The Bootstrap Broadcast – Nov 2017

Christmas can mean everything starts to get eerily quiet if you’re a B2B business OR if you’re a product-based B2C business it can be the extreme opposite and represent one of the most lucrative sales period of your year! With our little gift-finding project UnderWraps it feels a bit like a run-away train and we’re trying to define some[…]