Be creative with media to cut through the noise

Not long ago I wrote about how making people laugh can really cut through the media ‘noise’ out there – with great examples of brands like being creative in both where they talk, and what they say. If you missed it – you can find the full article here.
Building on the idea of creative use of space I was then sent this image of a US BMW ad – which shows creative use of media buying. Whether you are in the realms of buying 96 sheet outdoor ads like these heavyweights, or you are more in the camp of negotiating hard on every press insertion you do – there is still scope to be creative and have more impact because of it.
Back in the day when I launched Nesfrappe I had a relatively limited budget (for launching a global brand that is!) and, more importantly, we were just building UK distribution. This poses the ultimate problem that effects all start-up brands; you want people to know about your new brand or product, but only where they can actually find it to buy it! Based on our target audience we were clear that we wanted to feature in 6 sheet media in high street areas, but then I added an extra challenge. Armed with the exact store locations that our little drink could be found I challenged the media agency to only buy media within 300m of one of these stores, AND  place creative relevant to each location category i.e. a 6 sheet with a funny petrol station outside a petrol station.
Such proximity media buying is not that uncommon now – but it was then – and still remains a fairly labourious task. Interestingly, being this targeted also allowed me to analyse the ROI of this advertising to a much greater degree than one normally would for outdoor. By comparing stores with advertising vs those with none there was an 8% uplift.
Seeing this amusing BMW ad reminded me of the work we did, and impressed me that even the big boys are thinking creatively in their media buying.
Written by Christina at The Nurture Network: The on-demand marketing department for start-ups and entrepreneurs – making expertise and resource available just when it is needed.