Coaching, mentoring and advisory for startups and entrepreneurs.

Coaching, mentoring & advice

for start-ups & entrepreneurs

Navigating the journey of entrepreneurship can be a rollercoaster for founders and those in the team. My coaching and mentoring is focused on working through the overwhelming to-do-list and cracking a challenge by exploring it in a coaching conversation with me as an experienced entrepreneur.


For start-up boards, having clear-cut expert advice from someone who’s been there before can be invaluable to keeping on track and on plan. As a board-level marketing adviser the focus for me is on providing experienced, strategic direction and hands-on support right when you need it.

Coaching or mentoring for start-up founders & entrepreneurs
Coaching or mentoring for accelerator & incubator cohorts
Mentoring senior marketers in start-up teams
On-demand board-level marketing advice for startups

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Schedule a chemistry call with Christina

It’s vital that we both feel that I’m the right person to help you and your business before we kick off with any coaching or mentoring, so let’s have a call to check the chemistry first.


You can schedule a 10 minute call below. We’ll talk through your business challenge and find out a bit more about each other.

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Talk to me about

  • Testing a start-up idea
  • Customer-centric marketing strategy
  • Building start-up marketing teams
  • Leadership as an entrepreneur
  • Communication & influencing
  • Resilience as a founder
  • Founder disputes
  • Team coaching & training
  • Marketing career coaching


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