Do you know which social media platform is best suited to your business?

While most people think it looks good to have 10 different social media buttons on your website, you also have to consider the fact that each one of those buttons is directing people away from your site.
You could of course try and hide the fact you’re on social media to keep people on your site, but a much better approach is to narrow down which platforms work best with your target market.
Twitter followers like to keep things short and sweet
If you want to share trending news and other time-specific content, then Twitter is probably your best bet. The microblogging platform is also a great way to connect with bloggers and other people prominent in their field of expertise. It also attracts a lot of B2B marketers, 85% of whom use the platform, according to an infographic by QuickSprout.
Images are the only way to stand out on Facebook
Twitter might be good for quick and informational posts, but it’s not ideal if you’re looking to give customers a more rounded view of your business. Especially if you want to let people “behind the curtain”, in which case, Facebook is your best bet.
Content has a longer expiration date, and if you’re looking to make a mark, then you have to be using eye-catching imagery in your posts. You might want to bring your customers into the fold, but also keep in mind that the majority age demographic for Facebook is between 24-34.
Linkedin is all grown up, and attracts the most people to corporate homepages
For those targeting a more mature group of customers, Linkedin is a no-brainer. B2B marketers know this, which is why 91% of them are active on the platform. It’s also worth noting that 65% of B2B companies have acquired a new customer through using Linkedin.
Econsultancy backed this up with two-year research study that analysed 2 million monthly visits to 60 corporate websites. LinkedIn accounted for nearly two-thirds (64%) of all social referrals to corporate homepages, while Facebook and Twitter lagged behind with 17% and 14%, respectively.
The best type of content to encourage these referrals? Industry insight. Just make sure you’re not posting on evenings or weekends, times when most employees are away from their desks and much less likely to read anything on Linkedin.
What about Google+, Pinterest, and all the rest?
Google+ is another hotbed for B2B businesses, plus it’s a great way to get additional traffic through better SEO. Pinterest is where all the youngsters hang out, along with other picture-based platforms like Instagram. As for YouTube? It’s perfect to teach people about different products, and makes them much more likely to buy.
If you’re a stickler for detail, check out the full infographic on QuickSprout, but most of all, remember that Openr can help you get visitors back to your site regardless of where you send them and what social media platform you use.
Image via Best PSD Freebies