Quick tips – Do you need to give your content marketing strategy a spring clean?

A recent study found that roughly 25% of businesses were satisfied with their digital marketing output, with over half of companies admitting that their business could do more regarding their offering. That’s a lot of opportunity to make improvements – the challenge occurs in finding the best strategy, when you’re busy doing a hundred and one other things.
The benefits of stepping back and planning out your digital marketing strategy are vast. At the end of the day it comes down to increasing traffic and ultimately conversion to sales for most. But when you’re head down working on the next piece  – what are the quick ways to make all this content do that better?
Some businesses are often so desperate to get online and create content that they do not take into account their overall aims and analyse what they wish to achieve. Here then is a few little tips to help with a new year spring clean:
Identify your audience
Many businesses are too quick to release content on their site without knowing who it is aimed at,who it is relevant to and what it’s purpose is. It is vital when beginning your content marketing strategy that you know your customers and you know your offering. Not only can this tailor your content to be more relevant to them and provide more relevant insights, but by knowing your clientele and your own offerings, it can help you customize your online development and your SEO. Based on your audience and your services, you can also identify what platforms would be useful to use and what digital marketing tactics would be most beneficial for your business. A key tool is Hannah Smith’s Content Matrix – this will help you break up your different content into type and seek the right balance for each of your target groups and their respective buying stages.
Speak to search engines
As well as engaging with your customers, we all know the importance of search engines in your digital marketing warfare. Set up a regular schedule to check your current status with tools such as SEO Profiler, Buzzsumo and even Google Keywords to understand what potential customers are searching for and what phrases you should target to generate more visits to your site. As well as this, SEO Profiler allows you to monitor your own performance for each key phrase, meaning you can tailor content to focus around this term.
Are you tracking content performance?
Too many businesses have the attitude that once a blog or post is published and promoted it is forgotten – but the reality is that some of the oldest content can prove incredibly valuable if it’s evergreen. But you’ll only know what is successful if you’re measuring it. Make sure that your Google Analytics is set up to include your blog domain, and that you’re comfortable with the basics in order to see which blogs are gaining the most interest, and where the traffic sources are coming from. Knowing this will help you create more content in the style or topic of the most successful pieces and promote the best content most.
That’s just a few tips to give your content marketing a spring clean – there’s bound to be at least one or two things that will have a positive impact on your plan for 2017.
Credit for the great image to Steve Snodgrass on Flickr
The Quick Tips series is intended as a 2 minute read on digital marketing things – from recent changes in the scene and how to accommodate them, to tips from other digital marketers we know.