Heading for Entrepreneur Country? Successful entrepreneurs share their learning at the latest Forum

We had the pleasure of attending the Entrepreneur Country Forum at the Royal Institute of Great Britain this week, resulting in an day of talks, discussions and panels with some of the most successful start-ups in the UK, hearing inspiring words from the likes of James Caan, Julie Meyer and Will King.  Over the next 4 days we will add a few snippets and learnings from a few of the new speakers that stood out for us…
No. 1 – Lloyd Dorfman from Travelex group
Our favourite quote from Lloyd thinking back on his journey of founding Travelex: “If you thought too much about it, you would never have done it”
On the topic of ‘being’ an entrepreneur his key message was “you have to think differently.  If you think the same, you’ll do the same, and you’ll BE the same as everyone else”. His key message was that you need to take ownership of your own destiny; be a free spirit; be creative; and be prepared to put in a lot of hard work!
Check back tomorrow to hear Tim Levene’s tips on getting VC funding.