Hello world!

Well, hello world. I know that’s a little clichéd since our friends at wordpress help us out with that one – but it is rather apt: This is my first blog just as I set out into the big scary world and launch a business. I have been looking after businesses for over 10 years… big businesses… but this time I don’t have a cushion of my big blue chip corporate world. Now it’s all me – if it goes wrong, it is me. That is rather scary really. But like a few million people in this country I am also rather drawn by how exciting it is too.
For the last year, whilst still working full time, I have been helping other people launch or grow their businesses in my spare time: I have run workshops for those that are just starting out with the gem of an idea, and I’ve worked alongside people who are in the delicate years of early growth. It is amazing who you get to meet along the way – and the passion they have for what they do. This is the work I love – so I’m leaving the comfort of my corporate arm chair to do this full time.
While I do it, I thought I might recount some of the highlights along the way. I hope to share bits of my own journey of starting-up again, 12 years on from when I last did it (hopefully a whole lot wiser this time). But I will also share the stories of some of the others I work with along the way – so that this might become one huge entertaining story of being an ambitious entrepreneur.