How often should you post on social media to keep your customers interested?

Paying attention to the type of content you’re posting is important, but so is the frequency. What works on Twitter is the perfect way to scare people off on Facebook, while thinking about posts per week is the right approach for Linkedin, but not Pinterest.
Take a quickfire approach on Twitter
Twitter is overflowing with content, which means you have to be quick off the mark if you want to get noticed. That means posting a mix of curated content and you own at least three times per day. If you’re a social media addict, or have an endless supply of valuable information to share with your customers, don’t be afraid to go for 5, 10, or even 20 posts per day.
Facebook fans want quality not quantity
What works on Twitter will definitely not work on Facebook. Post more than twice per day and people are very quickly going to consider removing you from their feed – or even unliking your page altogether.
Make sure when you do post, it’s interesting, heartwarming, or interactive, and includes an image that will attract people’s attention. Giving people a look at what goes on “behind the scenes” is another great way to get noticed.
Think weekly, not daily when it comes to Linkedin
Things move a lot slower on Linkedin, which means you should be looking to post between 2-5 pieces of content per week. Seeing as there are plenty of big business and thought leaders using the platform, it’s important that your content is relevant and insightful.
Posting more often on Google+ means better SEO results
You can get away with sharing more content on Google+, but the upper limit should be around 10 posts per week. It’s worth noting that this is the social media network where people look for SEO gains as well as organic traffic – which is why slightly higher frequency is better.
If you don’t know anything about keyword research and SEO, it will definitely help to learn the basics if you want to get the most out of Google+.
Quality and quantity are the only way to get noticed on Pinterest
On Twitter you can get away with quick updates, witty remarks, and other forms of low-value content, but that won’t work with Pinterest people. Posting high-quality images as often as 10 times per day is the best way to get noticed and get customers interacting with your brand.
Keywords can help cut through the noise as well, but don’t even bother if you think really specific keywords will make up for terrible images. Seeing as the demographic of Pinterest users is much younger, it can be a difficult place to get traction – but it is possible!
There’s loads of great information out there about the best times to post on social media. if you’re a numbers geek, check out this in-depth report from Buffer, but if you prefer things in bite-size format, Constant Contact’s cheat sheet might be a better bet.
Lead image via Flickr