Expert expo: How Pinterest can bring you fame fortune and fun: Part 1

As a highly experienced and entrepreneurial communications pro our latest Expert Expo is from Brigitte Kobi who is well placed to share her own experiences with marketing and social media for her SME business. In this two part series, she is diving into the world of Pinterest. Read on for part 1 of her thoughts:
We all use social media. Some follow a real plan (I strongly recommend to do so) and others just play with different social media platforms.
Given I am a blogger one could say that social media somehow is my blog’s lifeblood. Before I started Leadership & Lipstick which is about stylish communication for entrepreneurs I blogged for my own company which I meanwhile sold. I used blogging to showcase my expertise and because I could talk about the subjects I was working at.
Not only I am a blogger I am also a “plan” person who sets targets and establishes concepts of how to reach them.
So it was very clear to me that I had to choose the platform where I could meet my customers and prospects. Since my company offered project management services (I specialize in turnaround management) I focused on business platforms like LinkedIn, established a social media concept and worked accordingly.
Of course I always illustrated my blog posts because articles without images are dull to me; business or not. I am really in love with graphic design and with images. Building up my company, helping my customers and all the rest of it kept me really busy and it seems as if other people noticed my passion for images long before I did. Please don’t get me wrong: I loved what I did, too. However, my illustrations became more colourful, more important and more customized.
I cannot remember when and how I discovered Pinterest. Probably someone shared images on another platform. Some months ago I set up my own account and started clicking my way through all the images trying to make sense of them. Well, since I am so much in pictures I was of course fascinated and wanted to know more.

How to get started

After some trial and error I found a way to turn Pinterest into fun and attract attention at the same time. These are the “rules” that I set in place about a month ago and although I could do more on Pinterest my pins started attracting interesting followers who have a lot more fans themselves than I do.

Think outside of the box

I know that the success of building a business largely depends on our ability to focus. That’s fine. Just not for Pinterest. When I started looking only for the images of the same subject or type I created the results were poor.
We are told over and over again that we need to brand our business (which in my case is my blog). In an SME the owners are the company brand at the same time. So I started not only to think of my business but also of what I personally like.

Use Filters

The hedonist that I am I likes all things beautiful and started filtering for shoes, arts etc. And I tell you that the filters in Pinterest can do a lot more for you. My absolute favourite colour for instance is yellow. I entered “yellow”. Wow! My page literally became yellow and Pinterest would even offer me more filters to specify the shades of yellow or the yellow items I wanted.


I don’t know about you but I always prefer quality from quantity. If you visit my Pinterest profile you will not find hundreds of boards and thousands of pins. Although I admit that the number is growing. Still, the boards have names that tell the visitor what to expect and I use the field for the detail description. The same goes for my pins. Either there is a good description form where I took it or it is one of my own links with an informative text.


The only thing about Pinterest I do not like are the categories. If you are not all about art, baby showers, jewellery or cosmetics you have to choose “other” which is not very informative. Ignore it, create a good description and select “other” (unless you are in one of the categories.)


You can activate the options to share your pins on Twitter and Facebook at the same time. I do this and it gets me additional likes and re-tweets for free.
Part two of Brigitte’s post can be seen here
The Expert Expo was written by Brigitte Kobi – author of Leadership & Lipstick.Her blog is about Stylish Communication and she strives to provide useful information on communication, graphic design and social media. For this reason she published an e-book by the title clever communication. She loves to discover new things and places and has a passion for writing (and talking of course). That’s probably why she is fluent in English, French and German and takes pleasure in blogging. Her hedonistic side is crazy for all things beautiful.Ah yes, besides blogging she specializes in in Communication, Turnaround Management and Business Development
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