Expert expo: How Pinterest can bring you fame fortune and fun: Part 2

This is part 2 of an Expert Expo written by our new guest Brigitte Kobi on her experiences of Pinterest. As a highly experienced and entrepreneurial communications pro she is well placed to share her own experiences with marketing and social media for her SME business. Read on for part 2, or catch up on part 1 here
Last time we looked at how I got started on Pinterest – now we’re into the doing and tracking part.


Personally, I distribute all my Tweets, Facebook messages etc. automatically. Until recently automation was not an option with Pinterest. Everything was done manually and real-time.
Now there are about 10 platforms that allow you schedule your pins. I tried two of them but did not like either. I believe it is not so much that the tools are bad but I miss the fun of looking at Pinterest’s great layout and wealth of pictures. I therefore decided to abandon automation and still do it manually. I will have a look at some tools in some months hoping that their latest update makes me happy, too.


According to Ebzimba Stats Pinterest belongs to the most popular social network; place four and 250 000 000 unique visitors per months.
And infographic of tells us that Pinterest is kind of a girl thing as 79% of the users are females.
Moreover, a Pinterest pin is of higher value than a Facebook like. As it seems 43% of the users would rather buy from a company that’s products they found on Pinterest, while on 24% would go for a product that was advertised on Facebook first.
There is more information on this infographic you might want to look at. Not only Pinterest is fun, they mean business.

One extra tip for your blog

I use a plugin to share images on Pinterest. Yes, I know there are many of them. The one I like the most is called “jQuery Pin It Button for Images” (for WordPress) and it allows you to create your own Pin-it button and to configure where it should be displayed. You will find more resources and tips here.
The Expert Expo was written by Brigitte Kobi – author of Leadership & Lipstick.Her blog is about Stylish Communication and she strives to provide useful information on communication, graphic design and social media. For this reason she published an e-book by the title clever communication. She loves to discover new things and places and has a passion for writing (and talking of course). That’s probably why she is fluent in English, French and German and takes pleasure in blogging. Her hedonistic side is crazy for all things beautiful.Ah yes, besides blogging she specializes in in Communication, Turnaround Management and Business Development
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Photo attribution: Pretty Pinterest by mkhmarketing on flickr.