How to make the most of video autoplay on social media

We’ve all seen new features roll out amongst the major social channels that boost the reach of video content. Perhaps the most impactful is Autoplay which now sees videos play automatically within the social feed, making engagement with video much more prevalent. This makes video marketing even more of an opportunity for marketers, but it piles on the pressure to  create video content that grabs attention in the first second of a feed scroll in order to reach larger audiences and boost views.
Visuals that stand out
Autoplay videos are muted unless the person clicks on the video to watch it in larger format, this means that your visuals need to captivate the audience without any sound to go with them. With video marketing  becoming a bigger part of marketing strategy the focus is therefore being spent on creating amazing ads with captivating visuals. Watch your videos without sound and question whether they are telling a compelling story that is going to captivate your audience, if not then get creative.
Adding text to the visuals
Adding text to your visuals is another way to boost your ad results with the autoplay feature. Some people – especially mobile viewers – are not in an environment where thay can watch with sound but this doesn’t mean you story can’t be told. Adding headline text to video helps maintain the core storyline of your video.  Adding text can also be a great way to  boost marketing results as you can add call-to-action text that promotes a discount and exclusives too.
Additional videos
After someone views an autoplay video on Facebook they are then given more videos from that creator – much like we’re used to with YouTube. This is great as it allows people to very easily browse through your content and dig deeper and deeper through it so if they are captivated by what they are watching they are very likely to watch more than one of your videos.
Creativity is key. Try these tips to help you make the most of video autoplay on social media to captivate your audience and boost your video content results. 
Header image: Flickr

This article was written by guest writer Chloe Winyard – marketing executive extraordinaire