It’s true… the Nurture Network ‘light bulb moment’ did happen at one of Stylist’s networking events

Regulars of the blog will know I am a great advocate of the inspirational Stylist Business Networking events, and have attended them from the start. However, far fewer people will know that it was in fact one of these events that was the final catalyst to launch the Nurture Network. It feels like just a few weeks ago that I was sipping some bubbly with Amy Grier of Stylist, discussing this and now the story is in print this week as part of their 100th birthday issue, and can be seen online here.
And here is the full write up of my interview with Amy:
Why did you buy the ticket in the first place?
Through 2010, I had been helping 2 friends develop their respective start up ideas – and write strategies for them to launch – utilising my brand and innovation career experience. Doing this had really got my  entrepreneurial spirit firing again (I ran a business at 19). I bought the event ticket to further fuel this, and find some inspiration. At this point I had not decided what I would be doing, just that I wanted to be an entrepreneur again.
Why it was so inspiring?
I found the speakers both compelling and profoundly inspirational –  in particular Sarah Murray’s Buddi story was a perfect example of how to take genuine consumer ‘pain’ and create a perfect solution to it (the innovation holy grail). However, it was the attendees that inspired me the most… I was blown away by the enthusiasm and passion of the women at the event, and how they were all grasping opportunities to create and deliver ideas that they believed in. I spoke to so many people and found that I was able to offer advice on how to launch their products, how to talk about their product compellingly and how to market their products with great ease – thanks to my background of managing brands and launching new products in big businesses like Nestle, Mercedes and Robinsons.
What happened afterwards?
The event really was the lightbulb moment where I realised how to make my age-old passion into a reality:  In my early 20s I used to dream of working with start-ups to help them launch new brands and products. So many amazing ideas were being had by small, entrepreneurial types, but big businesses had all the people that knew how to make it happen. The problem was, I could never work out how I could do this as a job – until that night.
I vividly remember leaving the event excitedly ringing my partner to say that I had worked out what I was going to do. Having validated that the best practice I had been lucky enough to learn with the big boys was valuable, I realised that if I created a network of experts and specialists we could provide the best trained marketing and strategy expertise to start-ups and entrepreneurs in a flexible – and therefore affordable – way.
So that is the full story… I started The Nurture Network at the beginning of this year – it works as an on-demand marketing department for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Blue-chip trained marketers work flexibly across several businesses part time or for set projects, becoming the marketing expertise on an entrepreneurial team (often on site, as one of the team). Then we pull in additional specialists such as designers, creatives, PR specialists, media buyers etc – just when we need them.