Learning from the best at Entrepreneur Country – part 2

Part 2. Jed Simmons, Director, Head of Original Programming at YouTube, and founder of Next New Networks, which was bought by Google in 2010.
This is our second instalment from our trip to the Entrepreneur Country Forum this week. We are sharing a few snippets and learnings from some of the speakers that stood out for us, read part 1 here.
Jed started by saying that he wanted to share a list of things he wished he’d known when they were starting up. A short list he believes would have made them move more quickly and work smarter had they known its details.
1. Consistently with Martha Lane-Fox, he started with vision. Vision is the most effective way to motivate, empower and drive for results.
2. Your first hires truly define your company. They build your company culture.
So if you have a part of the team that is not working, you need to be brave and make the change. It also helps if you like them… Start-ups are hard, so when you’re ordering dinner in late at night in the bunker, it helps if you like the person next to you.
3. On funding… take less money and keep a tighter board
Jed notes that even though they didn’t do this, they would if they were doing it again: Get a small amount of investment at the start; prove the model; then go back for more money. This means you can keep a tighter board and make quicker, more dynamic decisions.
 4. Have real focus of purpose
Have a shared belief across the founders and the board, and make sure that the whole team knows and buys into it. Then make sure you’ve picked the metrics to measure this success against. It delivers clarity, purpose and makes sure everyone knows which way they are pulling.
Next time… the final instalment from Paul Lindley of Ella’s Kitchen
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