Quick Tips – 3 Automation & social media services for your business

Automation and social media have endured a complicated relationship. Some services have faced criticism for their scattered approach, and overall lack of quality. However, as with all subjects in the technology space, improvement comes with every passing day. With this in mind, let’s look at some key time-saving products that can help you get started with marketing automation and boost your social value.

1. Narrow

Offering the potential for users to build a targeted and measurable audience, Narrow helps to automate Twitter and attract users to your profile that are relevant to your industry – improving the ROI of your social media output. With a clean dashboard and easy to understand analytics, Narrow have an interesting offering to the market to help businesses save time.

2. SoGrow

SoGrow, an off-shoot from social media company SoDash, shares similarities with Narrow with regards to Twitter automation. Using intelligent automation, SoGrow seeks out and follows profiles relevant to the user’s industry. However, SoGrow also goes a step further by incorporating sharing features via RSS feeds – helping the user not only build a Twitter following, but share relevant content as it grows. With a free 30 day trial, SoGrow is an excellent way to automate a business Twitter feed, and in doing so, develop an engaged community.

3. dvlr.it

dlvr.it is a highly effective cross-platform content sharer, allowing users to rapidly share new blog content across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Of particular interest here is the inclusion of Pinterest, as the value of the growing visual channel continues to command respect in social media management circles. For $9.99 per month, dlvr.it allows for 10 social pages to be connected, and for up to 50 individual sites to be curated and automated. Considering the sharing options available to dlvr.it, the content marketing value of the platform cannot be overstated, as it allows the user to communicate effectively across all key channels.
Automation and social media have come a long way, and for the busy marketer or small business owner, there are now tools capable of helping them build social value with minimal user input. Check out the services we’ve picked out, and let us know your thoughts! Of course you can integrate Openr into any of these services as well helping you to get even more ROI from the content you are sharing on social.
Automation inspired Header Image via Flickr
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