Quick Tips: 3 content marketing tips that you can implement today

Have you got a handle on content marketing? Are your efforts working out and your top-quality content pulling in ever-greater numbers of visitors so that you are getting the most from your content marketing efforts?

We all know that content marketing is now a leading way of drawing in customers and traffic, but whether you’re starting out or a real content marketing pro, it’s always good to check in sometimes and hear others’ ideas to see if you’re missing a trick. Hence we’ve gathered three top tips from our users. See if they can be integrated into your plan and boost your results.

Can you be a leader
What does that mean in terms of online marketing? Basically, because there are many, many websites out there, all vying for attention and uploading blog and other content to try and attract readers, the only way to get a slice of the online action is to position yourself as a leader in your sector. Develop your content into a voice of authority and people will keep coming back for more. It means never being bland but having hard-hitting content (even controversial) that’s simply not found anywhere else. Opinion and analysis are especially sought after online and, done right, will give you a whole new level of exposure.
It’s not just text
It’s easy to think of content marketing as just writing blogs, articles and other forms of written content, but we’re in a rich-format online world – so use it to your advantage. Are you always using eye-catching images for your posts and articles? Have you tried developing video posts so you can capture the attention of those who are visual learners? Infographics are also a great way to encourage and offer variation across your content. Don’t forget to encourage sharing across the various social media channels too, as visual content gets shared more than text only content.
Eyes on the end-game
Never forget what you’re trying to achieve with your content marketing efforts. It can be all too easy to continually post content just knowing you’re making an effort to reach out to people – but to what end? Do you just want to attract visitors to your website for branding reasons or do you want to generate leads and sales? Through all your efforts, keep in mind what you want out of your content marketing, and this focus will ensure you reach your online goals.

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The Quick Tips series is intended as a 2 minute read on digital marketing things – from recent changes in the scene and how to accommodate them, to tips from other marketers we know.