Quick tips – 3 content marketing trends to think about for your brand

The recent boom in content marketing is no secret. Generation “C” is all about content – they want marketing to be interactive and responsive, and have a story behind it. Staying ahead (or at least at pace) with demand as a marketer is tough though. With that in mind here are three content marketing trends you could try for your brand.
1. Can you create episodic content?
A key part of maintaining interest and engagement is storytelling. Consumers are looking for quality content and won’t be fooled by anything less – the story you are telling must be genuinely interesting. By splitting your content up into ‘episodes’ and slowly releasing it over a given time period until you reach the crux of the story, you will create a much longer lasting impact on your audience. They become part of something and feel involved, and the power of that should never be underestimated.
2. The lines are blurred lines between brand and consumer – can you maximise on that?
Interaction has become a necessity in digital marketing, rather than a bonus or luxury. The divide between the consumers, the brands and the content creators is lessening every day. We talked before about getting bloggers interested in your content and it is the growth of the blogger that particularly demonstrates this melting pot. Bloggers are brands, content creators and consumers all at once. They offer a trust-dependent peer-to-peer style of product recommendation but are equally powerful marketeers. Recognising that the lines are blurring is key to making the most of content marketing which makes influencers and bloggers key to many brands strategy going forwards.
3. Visual mediums are essential
Previously, visual mediums might have been somewhat of an added extra. You could reach out to your audience on social media with a few lines of text and that was enough. Those days are over. If you’re posting content without visual aids, you are missing out enormously. Blogs and websites display huge, page filling pictures which viewers see before anything else. Witty remarks are accompanied by quirky photography and the rise of the selfie video makes everybody a vlogger. Your challenge as a marketer is to work out what visuals work for your brand and target customer.
Essentially, what all these trends have in common is that they highlight the fact that digital and content marketing has become entertainment. Content created for marketing needs to offer purpose and this can be achieved by focusing on the story, the visuals and the complicated relationship between brand, consumer and creator. Food for thoughts we hope.
Story image care of Dave Bleasdale on Flickr
The Quick Tips series is intended as a 2 minute read on digital marketing things – from recent changes in the scene and how to accommodate them, to tips from other digital marketers we know.