Quick tips – Boost your email marketing open rate with 3 easy ways to segment your data

Email is often presumed dated or a declining method of communicating with customers. The opposite is in fact true though, it’s still used on a daily basis, and remains one of the preferred method of marketing for both companies and consumers.
It’s fair to assume then, that the resilient email-marketing is not going anywhere soon, but it is changing, and one of the methods at the forefront of that evolution is segmentation. Segmenting your database (however big it is) can be the key to really boosting your email marketing results – and it’s never been easier, with new tools and software letting you divide and organise your mailing lists into separate groups. Sound like too much trouble? Well, think again, it can hugely impact your open rate and response rate for a few simple but important reasons:

1. Time zones

With the advent of more organised email clients, such as the tabbed mailbox in Gmail, most marketing emails will be automatically sorted to a separate folder where they can quickly become lost, pushed down, or skimmed over. A mail that arrives in the middle of the day is far more likely to be read, so segmentation by time zone can help with getting it delivered at the best possible time to customers regardless of their location in the world.

2. Demographics

Most companies don’t just focus on one target demographic, but rather on a range of people of various backgrounds all looking for different products and services. Segmentation can help emails be more targeted demographically by helping to organise mailing lists by age, gender, or whatever information is available on their customers. Even at a simple level showing relevant products or services based on what that customer has shown interest in before will significantly pay back.

3. Personalisation

A more advanced method of using segmentation by demographics is to combine them, forming various ideas of specific customers. Not only can these types of customers be targeted for specific products, but the style and tone of the email can also be adapted to make sure the recipient is likely to enjoy the content.
Segmentation might just be one of the ways that email marketing is evolving, but it’s opening avenues to have real conversations and drive interaction with your customers – so start with this three tips and see what results you can yield. With plenty of tools available on the market now, there’s no need to be left behind.
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