Quick Tips – How might these 3 surprising social media facts change your plans?

Every now and then it’s worth taking a step back and appreciating just how surprising the innovation and advancement in our world can be. So here are three facts from the world of social media that might just surprise you.

1. So called ‘silver surfers’ are the biggest growing demographic

Data from Twitter paints a fairly stark picture of where the largest developing marketing demographic on the internet lies. Tens of millions of over 55s joined Twitter in 2012, as part of a continuing trend of uptake on social media among what marketers would classify as the ‘silver surfer’ group. So, if you think your brand culture is too ‘old’ for social media, think again.

2. Nearly 1 in 5 of Twitter’s top stories disappear after one hour

This fact takes a little explaining, but it’s worth considering all the same. According to a Twitter report (https://blog.twitter.com/2012/studying-rapidly-evolving-user-interests) around 17% of the 1,000 highest ranking queries are no longer in the top 1,000 by the next hour. This shows the ‘mini trends’ that take place naturally during the course of the day, and demonstrates just how up-to-the-minute Twitter marketing efforts should strive to be. Also, as another example of the pace of Twitter, it turns out tweets travel faster than earthquakes:

3. Facebook has 2.2 billion users – there are only 7 billion people on the planet

The data from Facebook takes on such vast proportions that it’s hard to even visualise. Over a quarter of the people on the planet use Facebook if you consider the other Facebook flagships of WhatsApp and Instagram. On top of that, 12 billion messages are sent each day, and 30 million small businesses use it to promote their goods and services. As such, it is abundantly clear that marketing in the modern world requires people that know their way around effective social media promotion.
These are just three of the mind-blowing facts we’ve uncovered recently. If you’ve got some interesting marketing insight or tips in this area – then get in touch – you could contribute to our Quick Tips in a future week, or even have a guest article published in our Marketing Tips section.
Header image, Flickr – with thanks
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