Quick Tips: How to get started using Periscope or Meerkat in your social media

Tried to boost your social with some live video yet? Since it’s the latest new trend we thought this week’s Quick Tips would be on how to dip your toe in the live-streaming waters.
So just in case you need a recap – these Apps let Apple and Android smartphone users live stream whatever activity they are doing. Viewers can watch the stream by clicking on a tweeted link. The apps create a new opportunity for a spot of live digital marketing, showing off new products, your business activity or related events to a live audience.
The current focus around Periscope, as with many early stage social media efforts, is centred around celebrities. In the UK, the likes of Chris Moyles, Jake Humphrey, and Robert Llewellyn are early adopters, but there is nothing to stop any business from getting involved. Choosing what to show and how to present it are more pertinent questions.

What to shoot?

For now accept that there is a limited audience for any event you choose to stream. This could be the unveiling of a new product range at your store, some local news taking place near you, the unboxing of a new piece of equipment important in your industry, a fun day at a charity event, an interview with important business people or anything similar. The more you stream, the more followers you will pick up.

Have a plan but not a script

If you have time to prepare before a broadcast, then come up with an idea of what to focus on, and how to commentate or discuss it. If you’re doing a studio-like shoot, or a Q&A, then having notes is fine. If you need a full script, then you may as well be using pro equipment and editing to produce a higher quality interview, which defeats the point and immediacy of Periscope or Meerkat.

Accept shaky-cam footage

When shooting in public or on the move, the raw and immediate nature of live streaming means viewers are already accepting non-studio quality or drops in image quality. Shooters walking and talking, losing focus on the subject and being bumped in a crowd are all part of the show. Keep the focus on whatever the topic is, let the smartphone and your mobile network handle the rest.
Since Periscope is owned by Twitter, it is gaining more traction and users, but for now treat either product as an experiment and see what your marketing or product teams can get out of them.

The Quick Tips series is created with the help of our user community and is a source of light-relief and brief reminders when it comes to digital marketing goings-on.