Quick Tips – how to improve your video content

Video can be a powerful tool for your brand as part of a comprehensive content marketing campaign. If done correctly, explainer videos and video blogs that respond to current trends can be a great way of getting attention and fostering goodwill. But all too often they become junk content – either not gaining viewers, or not driving web traffic towards your product.

1. Remember the eight second countdown

You have eight seconds in which to persuade a person whether or not to continue with a video once they’ve clicked on it. A standard dropout rate – even for a a successful video – is around sixty percent, so there’s definitely no pleasing everyone. What you should focus on instead is delivering on your title in those opening seconds. There’s no room for waffle – so for example if it’s an explainer video, state exactly what you’re explaining and get started on point number one.

2. Get the right talent upfront

It’s important to make sure you have the right person presenting your content. You might want to trial a few different people, and check your video analytics and see if there’s any correlation between a particular person appearing and a sudden drop in viewers – it’s the best way to move ahead.

3. Don’t forget to capture leads

Videos shouldn’t just be disposable content – they should have a purpose for the viewer, and they should serve a purpose for you too. Use prompts to gain subscribers and provide calls to action where appropriate to make sure that your videos are actually part of a digital marketing strategy.

4. Get plenty of feedback

It’s rare for a first attempt at video content to hit the nail perfectly on the head. To iron out any problems and ensure that calls to action are working, it’s a good idea to get the feedback of people around the office first.
So there you have it – there’s no silver bullet for content marketing, but by following these simple rules you at least stand a good chance of making the right first impression.

The Quick Tips series is intended as a 2 minute read on all things digital marketing, from recent changes in the scene and how to accommodate them, to tips from other digital marketers in the tribe.

Header image: jsawkins on flickr Image