Quick Tips – Targeting the younger demographic? Give these a try

It seems every week there’s a new ‘cool’ social network on the rise. So this week’s Quick Tips are on this area. Facebook and Twitter certainly get the most attention when it comes to using social media for marketing purposes, but, as we mentioned in our earlier blog they’re by no means the only prospects out there.
Facebook has lost over ten million younger users over the past few years, and even Twitter is only making large gains in the over 45 demographic these days. If you want to reach younger people with your digital marketing efforts, it’s a good idea to look into new social media networks. Here are three great alternatives that could help you generate leads.


It’s worth mentioning again just how big Snapchat is getting. It is currently used to transmit over 350 million messages daily, and it is becoming increasingly popular with the under 25 demographic. It acts as a vector for easy video and picture sharing, but each posted message only remains actionable to other users for ten seconds. This means exchanges happen in a more real-time sequence, and it also makes it the perfect place to post special, limited-time offers. The short time-frame in which users are given to take advantage of your offer is the perfect call to action incentive.
Also, with a paid account you can make use of a magazine-style page called ‘Discover’, which can show off the evergreen strengths of your business.

Yik Yak

This social media network also encourages more lively exchanges, not by limiting the time in which users can respond, but instead limiting users to a specific geographical location. Only people within a ten mile radius of one another can exchange messages. Despite the anonymity of the service, this gives it a more community-driven feel, and it’s really taking off around universities – just like Facebook did in the early days. Get students to pass on messages about offers, and refer people to your website for good results.


Finally, Kik is a new social media experience that’s all about creating one on one conversations. This makes it more difficult in some ways to reach people, but once you make a connection with a user, it’s much more personalised. Look into ways of assisting users as a way to make that first connection.
These are just a few top examples of the opportunities to reach young people that are out there right now – take a look so that you’re not missing out on potential leads.
The Quick Tips series is intended as a 2 minute read on digital marketing things – from recent changes in the scene and how to accommodate the
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