Top tips for getting the best from your content marketing

Content is becoming extremely streamlined and tactical – peppered with keywords and tags to increase the benefits for your website. So for this week’s Quick Tips we collated some top tips to ensure your content keeps hitting the mark.

Set out clear objectives for your writers

It is hugely beneficial to build up team of writers to fuel your content – whether it is encouraging your whole team to write or building a trusted group of freelancers. But to create a sense of consistency across your content is a great idea to create a definitive style guide and make sure it is stuck to. Within this. have a clear list of preferred words and phrases, as well as banned ones.

Know your target audience

Every audience is different and it vital to make sure your content is bang on for them – whoever writes it. This means target audience definition should form part of your writer guidelines, along with insight into how your product should be positioned (if at all) within the content.

Keep it evergreen

Evergreen content is the sort of content that will never go out of date. Dated or inaccurate content can put people off right from the start, so try and avoid including time sensitive laguage or content unless it is necessary (ie such as a news story).

Create content that can be redesigned and reused

A lot of thinking goes into content creation – arguably the writing bit is the easiest bit. So consider which content could also stretch to different media, for instance, perhaps you have written content that can easily be transformed into a slideshow, video, or social media series.

Use online marketing tools

There are many marketing tools available that can identify valuable phrases and keywords to help you build a highly searchable piece – such as widgets in wordpress etc. They are great options for getting the most out of the content you do publish.

Quality over quantity

Yep, it’s an old saying, but it’s true nonetheless. In terms of online content, quality wins out over quantity virtually every time. Keep it snappy, to the point, and engaging.

Be original

With the internet jammed with content on every subject, originality is the key to being noticed. This can be a real sticking point. You often need to think outside the box. One of the keys to creating original work is finding original sources, or original angles from which to report on them.

Engaging formatting

Once you have them reeled in, you need to keep them. Try to keep the layout from getting crowded. Short, snappy paragraphs, broken up by links, pictures, videos and quotes, works far better than huge chunks of writing.

Analyse it to know what’s working for you

Use analytical tools to see what is working and what isn’t, and, more importantly, why. You can learn from your mistakes and build on your strengths to get better next time.
If you think we’ve missed something let us know!