Quick Tips: Twitter lessons from top CMOs

This weeks Quick Tips focuses on what top CMOs have to say about the ways they are using Twitter and what you should be doing.

We’ve been debating some of the ideas shared in a new report recently – so we decided to take over the reins of the Quick Tips slot this week and share the top line findings with you.The report looked at how top chief marketing officers use Twitter to get increased exposure for their brands. Something we all want to do really, so read on and see what they get up to so you can follow suit.

The study, by research and digital marketing firms Leadtail and Neustar examined the tweets of over 1,000 chief marketing officers to discover how they use the microblogging platform to reach out to their audiences and boost their overall digital marketing strategies.

More than 130,000 tweets later, patterns and trends became clear. They included hashtags that were most effective in driving social media results, and among the top ones were #leadership, #Digital and #BigData. Others were: #CMO, #contentmarketing and #socialmedia.

Like everyone else on social media, the marketing chiefs shared a lot of their own content as well as that from other sources. But the study results showed that it wasn’t just industry-related content they were sharing; the most widely shared links were to large news organisations, such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Huffington Post. Industry links included stories from such popular sites as AdWeek, Venture Beat and Business Insider.

They also shared a range of social media content, such as corporate or personal photos posted on their Instagram accounts, YouTube videos and slides from events on SlideShare. This represented just 12% of the marketing pros’ activity on Twitter, however, compared to 47% for mainstream media sharing and 38% for industry media content.The report says that based on its findings, it’s becoming increasingly important not only to create high-quality content, and to do so frequently, but that “high-quality social audiences” also be developed in order to achieve successful content marketing and a high ROI.

You’ll know your Twitter efforts are paying off when you’re being retweeted, and for the chief marketing officers in this study, many retweeted posts from leaders in their fields, including @mashable, @TechCrunch and @Forbes.It’s clear that these marketing pro are achieving the kind of exposure we all want right across the social media spectrum – so have a think how you can up your game from what they’re doing.


The Quick Tips series is intended as a 2 minute read on digital marketing things – from recent changes in the scene and how to accommodate them, to tips from other marketers we know.