Quick Tips – What should your 3rd platform be for your brand

Facebook and Twitter are the bread and butter of digital marketing, with monumental reach and a diverse audience – and as such the majority of a digital marketers focus goes here. But for certain target markets its worth adding a 3rd platform to the mix – despite the lower reach to can to increase relevance so this weeks’ Quick Tips are a handy quick guide to choosing the right platform for your brand.

If your brand is pretty and targeted at women…

Try out Pinterest. Ideal for companies targeting women, this platform flourishes when marketers use bright, bold and attractive photos. The unique selling point of Pinterest is its excellent conversion rates: by reducing the steps from discovery to conversion, the site drives huge levels of relevant traffic and generates sales significantly quicker than other sites. User engagement tends to be very high, so the potential for inbound links to spread quickly allows compelling products to make a big impact. The site is most useful for those involved with fashion, home décor, events and food.

If your brand deals with other businesses…

LinkedIn is where you should be sharing your content. Previously regarded as a glorified online resume, LinkedIn is growing in leaps and bounds as it becomes a crucial platform for digital marketers. Perfect for B2B, the site allows you to create a professional brand presence and grow an active online community of stakeholders. Sponsored updates are a good way of reaching a wider audience, but simply utilising LinkedIn to develop key business and media contacts and maintaining a reciprocal relationship can have a significant impact in the long term marketing strategy. The site is most useful for businesses providing professional services, or selling directly to other businesses.
Google+ could also be one to choose. As the platform is owned by the search engine giant, Google+ is perfect for a streamlined and perfectly optimised social media strategy, with a circles directory which allows for high engagement rate with a relevant and targeted audience. These discussion groups are crucial for social businesses, but require a more informal tone than LinkedIn.

If your brand is a trendy startup….

Snapchat could be the curve ball choice for you. Young, hip and slightly bewildering, Snapchat has exploded in popularity among millennials. Fun and quirky, the platform encourages casual communication which self-destructs in a matter of seconds, making every moment count. It allows companies to seem relatable and on trend, and can be useful when used as part of a PR campaign with aims of going viral. With 400 million snaps going out each day, your content has to be unique and memorable to stand out, but the rewards can be significant.
We all know how big the world of social media is out there and with even more niche and unusual platforms available for every type of audience it is just getting bigger. But jump in feet first and try the right one for you and you might be surprised by the levels of engagement.

The Quick Tips series is intended as a 2 minute read on all things digital marketing, from recent changes in the scene and how to accommodate them, to tips from other marketers in the tribe.

Image Attribution: Adam Przezdziek on Flickr Image