In the Guardian: How boosting your profile is good for small business

The Guardian’s Small Business Network editor Suzie Bearne interviewed Christina as part of an expansive piece on profile building for small businesses. With a B2B business or expert-led B2C business the founder or owner’s expertise can be a vital ingredient to building brand credibility and increasing brand awareness. See all the tips in this piece here.

7 ways to use your brand to accelerate your business – part 1

When I’m out and about speaking and running workshops on marketing I’m often faced with puzzled looks when I start talking about branding – but your brand – when well considered – can become one of your strongest marketing assets. It isn’t an easy area though: It isn’t an art and it isn’t a science[…]

What’s in a brand? Top tips for utilising your brand for your business growth

Christina’s most recent article on Branding and how to use it to grow your business has been published on the HSBC Knowledge Hub – you can read it here: Brands are a whole lot more than just a logo and packaging design. The most powerful brands mean something to people. This meaning leads to customers repeatedly[…]

Are you using the Sharing Economy to grow your business?

The rising trend labelled the Sharing Economy has, up to now, not really caught the attention of the masses, and yet it has embedded itself into our consumer lives in numerous ways. The trend wraps up all the platforms and ventures that enable the transfer of goods to be shared and exchanged, creating a stark[…]

The branding behaviours of high growth businesses

The most powerful brands mean something to people; they have values and are emotionally attractive to their target audience. Whether you look at a social-tech start-up like Instagram, which sold to Facebook for $1bn aged just 18 months old, or at UK consumer brands like Ella’s Kitchen, which at six years old now has 14%[…]

In Stylist magazine: A little feature by Stylist on where Christina was inspired to take the entrepreneurial leap

Like all budding entrepreneurs Christina spent a little time exploring advice and stories from others before she took the entrepreneurial leap to startup alone. One such event was the Stylist Network inspiration evening, and a year later Christina was interviewed as one of their success stories that got on with the starting! Read the piece[…]