Collaborative Marketing and how it recently got all ‘Friendly’

Collaborative marketing has long been the best kept secret of start-up and entrepreneurial brands – as it is a super way to reach new customers when budgets are tight (or none existent!). But we are increasingly seeing big brands look at how to use the power of the sharing economy to make their marketing budgets[…]

What can you learn from other savvy businesses on how to do marketing on a budget?

There are businesses that we know, love  and work with that come up with some ingenious ideas to spread word of their business on a real budget. Rather than get down in the dumps about not having big advertising budgets, they come up with more creative and budget effective solutions to make the world hear[…]

Work together with your marketing and get results on a budget

The biggest challenge for most new brands is lack of awareness but there is a clever way to reach more people: Marketing collaboration – the best kept secret of the entrepreneurial world.  Over 60% of start-ups and small businesses are working together to find new customers because it can be one of the most effective[…]

Are you using the Sharing Economy to grow your business?

The rising trend labelled the Sharing Economy has, up to now, not really caught the attention of the masses, and yet it has embedded itself into our consumer lives in numerous ways. The trend wraps up all the platforms and ventures that enable the transfer of goods to be shared and exchanged, creating a stark[…]

The power of collaboration – let’s start a movement…

As I have immersed myself in the world of entrepreneurs and start-ups, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of wisdom and skills in abundance, but also frustrated to hear some individuals’ stories of difficulty finding help and advice to get started. In many cases, this has made my helping people very easy- as I[…]