Expert expo: Elise West on UX for start-ups – when is the right time?

Let’s welcome to our next Expert Expo Elise West, UX Director at Studio West – she seriously knows her stuff when it comes to UX – whether it’s for apps, platforms or websites – and delivers this expertise with bucket loads of enthusiasm. Over to Elise… Between 70 and 90% of startups fail in the[…]

How customer focused is your business?

Shortcut: Get hold of the customer persona profiling template here Want to know why? Just read on… Marketing includes every touch-point with your customer. Why? Because every touch-point leaves an impression of your brand and your business on that customer, which directly impacts whether they will return and what they might tell others about you. If you[…]

Customer service is social: 5 lessons from SMEs in the know

As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos famously said, “your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. According to recent research from online giant Rakuten – the company behind – 46% of shoppers in the UK under the age of 25 turn to social media to publicly air their customer[…]

How to reconnect your leadership team with your customer

Leading a dynamic, entrepreneurial SME is often akin to the battle of David and Goliath. To win against the big fish you need to be clever and exploit their vulnerabilities; their tendency to become slow moving, tied up in decision-making hierarchies and distanced from the customer. This competitive mindset is laid out by inspiring writer[…]

The best start-ups solve a genuine ‘pain’ in consumers lives

Whether setting out to find a start-up idea, or refining and developing an existing one, the most important thing is to create the strongest foundations possible by being genuinely different, and by building a brand: To thrive in business you have to be different – but that doesn’t mean you need to create the next[…]