[Press] 200 business leaders and MPs sign Telegraph letter urging Government to boost female entrepreneurship in Britain

Our Open Letter to the Telegraph landed today to coincide with International Women’s day. Two hundred business leaders, entrepreneurs, Members of Parliament and academics joined The Telegraph in calling on the Government to boost female entrepreneurship in Britain. Leveling the playing field will boost business for the whole country; this is not just about women,[…]

[Book] Dear female founder – 66 letters of advice from entrepreneurs who made $1bn in revenue combined

Launching and scaling a startup is a roller-coaster ride, and that’s why it’s vital we all help each other along the way by sharing our learnings and egging each other on along the way. That’s why when Lu Li of Blooming Founders decided to crowd-source a book I was more than happy to get involved and[…]

You can get and handle press for your business yourself

For every piece of coverage appearing on the BBC or in the Financial Times, there are hundreds of smaller more niche opportunities out there that might actually prove more suitable at reaching your audience and this is who you want to focus on. As entrepreneurial business leaders you are perfectly positioned to drive the PR[…]

What’s in a brand? Top tips for utilising your brand for your business growth

Christina’s most recent article on Branding and how to use it to grow your business has been published on the HSBC Knowledge Hub – you can read it here: Brands are a whole lot more than just a logo and packaging design. The most powerful brands mean something to people. This meaning leads to customers repeatedly[…]

How customer focused is your business?

Shortcut: Get hold of the customer persona profiling template here Want to know why? Just read on… Marketing includes every touch-point with your customer. Why? Because every touch-point leaves an impression of your brand and your business on that customer, which directly impacts whether they will return and what they might tell others about you. If you[…]

Work together with your marketing and get results on a budget

The biggest challenge for most new brands is lack of awareness but there is a clever way to reach more people: Marketing collaboration – the best kept secret of the entrepreneurial world.  Over 60% of start-ups and small businesses are working together to find new customers because it can be one of the most effective[…]

Are you using the Sharing Economy to grow your business?

The rising trend labelled the Sharing Economy has, up to now, not really caught the attention of the masses, and yet it has embedded itself into our consumer lives in numerous ways. The trend wraps up all the platforms and ventures that enable the transfer of goods to be shared and exchanged, creating a stark[…]

How to create content so customers find you

The way we consume media has dramatically changed in the last ten years: from smart phones to LinkedIn Today to Facebook and Twitter, we now all have information at our finger tips, instantaneously. This firstly means you and your business can be researched easily (see our article on managing your online reputation) but more importantly[…]

How to lay the foundations for a marketing strategy that works

Every start-up entrepreneur sets out, armed with flip chart and pens, on a mission to draw up the perfect business plan. This often starts with a grand vision, and is accompanied by the financials to get there. But what continually surprises me, is just how few businesses, big or small, consider the customer drivers that[…]