The Marketing Donut Series: Marketing & branding advice for startups & entrepreneurs

The Donut team publish helpful content for business owners and entrepreneurs on a variety of business topics, but asked Christina to write a series for Marketing Donut Does your small business need marketing automation? – Have a read here Six New Year’s resolutions to boost your social media productivity – Have a read here Four ways[…]

The BT Business Series: Marketing & branding advice for small business owners on the Marketing Solutions blog

The BT team publish helpful content for business owners and entrepreneurs on a variety of business topics, but asked Christina to write a series for The Marketing Solutions Blog The marketing mindset of high-growth business leaders – Have a read Tips for growing your brand on a budget – Have a read The sharing economy: the[…]

The Vodafone Series: Marketing & branding advice for business owners on Your Ready Business

The Vodafone team developed inspirational knowledge hub Your Ready Business to provide help and advice to business owners of all sizes. As part of this, Christina developed a series of articles on marketing and branding – diving into everything from shoestring-budget marketing ideas to productivity fixes. 6 Top Tips to increase your social media productivity[…]

Resolutions to add rocket fuel to your social media

Resolutions are all about setting new goals and starting new habits and as such we’ve been discussing how to be more efficient with social media – especially as it can sap time and energy if we’re not careful. After much discussion, we’ve come up with 6 top tips to help you “work smarter, not harder,” with[…]

7 tips for leveraging social media B2B

As a growth B2B company, social media provides a window into the conversations and thoughts of your clients, their clients, your competitors, influencers within your industry and most importantly an opportunity to take a lead in the conversations that shape sales decisions. Forrester estimate that over 80% of decision makers have a social presence, be[…]

What is your LinkedIn profile saying about you behind your back?

LinkedIn connects 187m professionals around the world – with 10 million in the UK  – but it’s more than just a 21st century roller deck; to build an online profile successfully requires a clear understanding of your objectives first. So think, why are you on LinkedIn? Is it to find new business opportunities, stay engaged with existing[…]

Customer service is social: 5 lessons from SMEs in the know

As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos famously said, “your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. According to recent research from online giant Rakuten – the company behind – 46% of shoppers in the UK under the age of 25 turn to social media to publicly air their customer[…]