The Bootstrap Broadcast – April 2017

The April edition of the Bootstrap Broadcast has landed with a focus this month on differentiation and how to achieve it with branding, your proposition and your product.
The newsletter is always [I hope!] packed full of resources, courses & events to grow startups of all sizes – inspired by questions from those I teach or work with, or from things we’ve encountered at the coal face of our own startup adventures. Here’s some of the resources included this month:
Two-minute tactic:
Focusing on Facebook ads? Then dip into these 12 quick tactics to give them an effective, emotional hook here
Coffee-break content:
Dive into differentiation by checking out these 10 brands and how they set themselves apart from the competition here
Pick-a-mix marketing:

  • [Strategy] 42% of startups fail due to lack of market-fit but it’s preventable – focus on your market differentiation with this
  • [Product] Most of you know I’m a big fan of Marty Neumeier’s book, Zag and I recently found this list of “25 Intangibles” – a great source to get the grey cells going on your value proposition and point of differentiation
  • [Branding] When the purse-strings are tight can you gain traction by making your brand a movement? See how others have done it here
  • [Social] Facebook update… Facebook Stories (like Instagram stories) will be rolling out to you soon – read this to find out more
  • [SEO] Improve the SEO results of your homepage with these quick tricks… yes it’s SEO but it’s approachable-SEO!
  • [Sales] There are three main aspects to creating a repeatable sales processhere’s what you can think about to improve yours.
  • [Startup story] Think you’ve got a tough job trying to break into an established or set-in-its-ways industry? Take inspiration (and top tips) from this

Resources, course and events:

  • You’ll know I’m a big fan of email onboarding from previous newsletters; these onboarding email examples are great inspiration for any occasion
  • Tech London Advocates event – join me at the next TLA event; they always have an impressive line-up and are packed full of interesting people. Take a look here
  • Need your startup to work with corporates? Then this event might be interesting for you to understand how others have done it.

Firestarter fix:

  • Confronting imposter syndrome as a startup founder – a brilliantly honest but also practical look at this founder reality – FIX
  • 5 of the most interesting stats about startups some will surprise you – FIX
  • “How my friends and I grew a side project into $17k a month business” – FIX

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