The Bootstrap Broadcast – June 2017

For the last edition before a little break over summer I’ve launched into a biggie – conversion. We spend so much time looking at acquisition and driving traffic for our startups, but there is much to be gained from making changes to optimise the results from that increased traffic. Hope these articles help you too.
The newsletter is always [I hope!] packed full of resources, courses & events to grow startups of all sizes – inspired by questions from those I teach or work with, or from things we’ve encountered at the coal face of our own startup adventures. Here’s some of the resources included this month:
Two-minute tactic:
How do you ensure your company is getting the most out of LinkedIn? Here are some strategies to give you an extra edge
Coffee-break content:
Get to know how to use customer interviews to capture deep insights – have a read of the ‘ultimate guide’ here
Pick-a-mix marketing:

  • [Strategy] We all focus on driving traffic but what gems are lurking in the middle of the funnel? This detailed guide has some clear ways to improve your site conversion rate
  • [Branding] Simple design is best when it comes to conversion – but as a layman like me it can be tough to know what’s best. That’s when you need this super simple guide
  • [Product] Where is your Call-to-action button? Appropriate placement of your Call-to-Action button is a key part of your conversion – get learnings from the research here
  • [Social] Interested in making money from Instagram? Neil Patel has a complete step-by-step guide on how you can do it
  • [Advertising] Organic Facebook reach is not what it used to be. 15 experts share their views on how to take control of your organic results
  • [Sales] Interested in increasing the number of acquired users? Here is how you can revamp your User Acquisition Funnel

Resources, course and events:

  • Join our startup family – many of you will know I bring together a number of startups together in a small private office in central London where we all help each other like a little peer-to-peer incubator. We have some desks becoming available soon. Just reply to this email to find out more
  • 10 must-reads – Need something to read for your summer break? Here are the 10 best books in 2017 for every entrepreneur
  • Updated business resources list Take a look at the latest additions to the free business resources list – everything from hosting to content writing!

Firestarter fix:

  • Beware: Overworking signals imminent burnout – FIX
  • Perspectives on Innovation, change and the rest of your life – FIX
  • Young Syrian entrepreneurs rebuild what the war has destroyed – FIX

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