The Bootstrap Broadcast – June

I don’t know about you, but I am not seeing an improvement in the random stuff I receive in my inbox. So much for the GDPR clean up… I even received a completely unsolicited mass-mailed text message from someone I’ve never met today… #rude
Anyway – regardless of how others have adjusted to the new post-GDPR world, I thought I’d use it as a good excuse for a freshen up…
Thank you for choosing to keep receiving the BB, but I really want to shape it more around what you want: Which sections do you like or find useful? What would you like more of? I could share inspiring books; share templates or tools; even start doing Q&As on things you want help with. You tell me and I’ll improve your newsletter. Just email me.
It doesn’t need to be in the realm of customers, marketing and sales either. Two years ago I wrote this and now I’m finally in a position to do something more about it. Startups are a roller-coaster of emotions and I think we can all help each other survive and thrive with support and tools. So if this soft-skill side is something you want more of, just include that in your reply too.
Two-minute tactic:
Fed up of struggling with image format and size on your different social accounts? If only there was a simple guide that made the requirements clear… there is now.
Coffee-break content:
The social giants have been testing new features and this video includes these, as well as insight on how Instagram is showing your content to fans. Have a watch.
Pick-a-mix marketing:

  • [Strategy] – An in-depth guide on the different customer demographics common on each social channel and how to gather clear insights on your own audiences.
  • [Social] – How could you be standing out on Instagram with Stories? Here are 12 creative ways to use this oft-overlooked feature for your brand.
  • [Product] – Optimise your friend referrals by inspiring customers to talk about your brand with this guide.
  • [Content] – Been hearing about ‘Authority content’? Just think about it as creating the ‘best’ article on a topic on the internet – here is a framework for doing it.
  • [Content & emails] – Write and edit your own copy for content and emails like a pro with these killer tactics.
  • [Sales] – It might be to sell, to pitch for money, or to win a start-up competition – but we all have to pitch and this article takes a look at how to approach the timings.
  • [Startup story] – How not one, but 50 [now] big companies started with little or no money. #Inspiration.

Resources, course and events:

  • [Event] – Pondering an app as part of your start-up? This event might help start – here
  • [Grants guide] – There are so many grants to help startups, but often finding the right one at the right time is a mare. Then I found this helpful little guide
  • [Resources] – I love a good list of start-up resources & this includes 400 of them and is even categorised. Bookmark this

Firestarter fix:

  • The 10x rule for achieving better results  – FIX
  • Fundraising advice from founders at Y-Combinator FIX
  • The power of self-awareness as an effective leaderFIX