The Bootstrap Broadcast – March 2017

Welcome to the March edition of the Bootstrap Broadcast – a newsletter packed full of resources, courses & events to grow startups of all sizes
I compile the best resources, courses and content I’ve found through the month – inspired by questions from those I teach or work with, or from things we’ve encountered at the coal face of our own startup adventures. Here’s some of the resources included this month:
Two-minute tactic:
By now the LinkedIn redesign should have reached all readers. It was infuriatingly buggie – but here’s what’s changed
Coffee-break content:
Great Slideshare from a breakfast briefing I went to: Packed full of conversion tactics from slide 44 – take a look here
Pick-a-mix marketing:

  • [Strategy] If you’re in your first year or so of a start-up – this matters: When to commit and when to pivot...  great examples used throughout to help us consider the ideas, along with practical questions to ask yourself here
  • [Product] The UX design of your site can make the difference between a conversion and a bounce – so can you afford not to think about it from the very start? UX expert Elise has some practical start-up UX advice to get you going
  • [Advertising] Designing and testing ads for Facebook can be a bit of a mission – wouldn’t it be good to know what is most likely to get the best results? Boom! AdEspresso has reported their findings from analysing 37,000 Facebook ads on what works best!
  • [Content] If content-marketing is a key strand of your marketing strategy you’ll know how time-consuming it is. That’s why I love this from unbounce: How to build a data-driven content strategy, for yourself, for free, in a day
  • [Email] Following on from last month’s look at onboarding emails – here’s how to write onboarding emails without being a nag
  • [PR] In our Expert Expo Amanda shares her approach for you to ‘sell yourself’ to get press for your business here
  • [Pricing] There’s no product without price… it’s certainly a trap we fell into with previous start-ups. This article starts with big brand examples, but rounds up to practical monetization advice.
  • [Startup story] An honest, founder’s view from the front line of Baremetrics – read How we went from weeks of cash left in the bank to profitable in 8 months here 

Resources, course and events:

  • Early stage tech start-up or idea in need of testing – try start-up listing directories
  • Imposter Syndrome event [London] – love that General Assemby are exploring this – vastly under-appreciated, yet widely suffered by most entrepreneurs.  Take a look here
  • Explaining AI – there’s so much hype around it right now, yet most of the time the term is completely misused. Much to my delight this article calls that out AND provides a useful overview of what AI actually is.

Firestarter fix:

  • “I quit trying to make it work” – great [and positive] look at quiting – FIX
  • How to know if you are actually close to closing investment FIX
  • 30 of the best pieces of advice from other entrepreneurs – FIX

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