The Bootstrap Broadcast – Oct 2017

We’ve been working with several startups this month on branding and building that sense of meaning from the very start. A brand story can help you convincingly sell into the press, inspire your team and inspire customers – so how do you get it right? Our first pick-a-mix piece below has some amazing examples from new brands we all know.  In the meantime, be sure to dive into the Two-Minute Tactic this month to keep up to date with Facebook’s latest change.
The newsletter is always [I hope!] packed full of resources, courses & events to grow startups of all sizes – inspired by questions from those I teach or work with, or from things we’ve encountered at the coal face of our own startup adventures. Here’s some of the resources included this month:
Two-minute tactic:
Are you fast enough for Facebook? Facebook announced an update to its algorithm that will favour sites with speedy load times on mobile. Read more.
Coffee-break content:
10 top tips from Startup CEO’s and VC’s to answer your difficult pitch deck questions. A great read even if you’re not raising right now. Have a read.
Pick-a-mix marketing:

  • [Branding] – Dig Deeper? The secret to gripping brand narratives – have a read
  • [Social] – 4 Strategies to renew, refresh, and recycle content for bigger reach here
  • [Content] – 7 More evergreen content ideas for your blog: See Part 2 here!
  • [SEO] – How to keep SEO in mind when blogging without being annoying, read more
  • [Startup story] – Sebastien Marion shares his naught to exit story, what he learned playing the startup game! Have a read 
  • [Sales] – 10 steal-worthy sales page strategies for turning visitors into customers here

Resources, course and events:

  • [Resource] – Learn how others did it with these 138 startup marketing case studies
  • [Event] –  Crafting brands for our modern age with  The Think Collective Forum – Bootstrap Broadcast readers can get 20% off with code BootstrapBroadcast
  • [Event] – Learn how to overcome the barriers to your own success here with Aimee Teesdale

Firestarter fix:

  • 17 small actions that will make your work day incredibly meaningful! – FIX
  • 5 handy tricks to truly achieve a work life balance! – FIX
  • Finding a co-founder – when to do it and how to do it  - FIX

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