The Nurture Network partners with GrowthAccelerator to help accelerate high-growth potential businesses

The Nurture Network team are proud to be partnering with GrowthAccelerator – a new and unique service, brought to life by Grant Thornton for the Government’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills, to help accelerate fast-growing SMEs.
Never before have the eyes of the nation been so focussed on entrepreneurs. With the economic forecast remaining flat and unemployment stubbornly high the UK is reliant upon the small and medium sized businesses to grow the economy. The vital 6% of UK businesses classed as ‘growth’ businesses will account for 54% of the new jobs created – and it is these innovative and dynamic enterprises that we must support as they courageously expand and enter new markets. The ambition to support and accelerate these vital businesses is what has brought together the partnership of The Nurture Network and GrowthAccelerator.
GrowthAccelerator is designed to support a wide variety of businesses to reach 20% year-on-year growth, through personalised one-to-one coaching and training. If you are a determined business, registered in England, with fewer than 250 employees and turnover below £40m you could access this invaluable expert support. Those businesses selected will be matched with one of 800 experts who truly understand the challenges of running businesses having started, managed and grown highly successful businesses themselves. Once matched, you build your tailored growth plan together – opening the doors to external funding, new business opportunities and boosting innovation and leadership.
As a partner of GrowthAccelerator The Nurture Network will be providing market-shifting marketing expertise to businesses, as well as writing a series of articles to form a marketing resource library for those involved.  If you want to work with The Nurture Network via Growth Accelerator, or find out more about how you can benefit from GrowthAccelerator email us at [email protected]