The power of collaboration – let’s start a movement…

As I have immersed myself in the world of entrepreneurs and start-ups, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of wisdom and skills in abundance, but also frustrated to hear some individuals’ stories of difficulty finding help and advice to get started.
In many cases, this has made my helping people very easy- as I have been able to connect two people with the skills needed – and everybody is happy. But I cannot help but think there needs to be a simpler way. So I’m starting a movement – or that is what I am going to try and do! My vision is to make entrepreneurial collaboration easy – both online and in person:
I imagine a world where a new entrepreneur just starting out can post questions on a forum to find just what they need, from finding an accountant, to asking others for the best web hosting or coffee shop to work: A world where entrepreneurs running successful start-ups can collaborate to find and share office space, negotiate better deals together, pass on knowledge and even swap skills.
So, I am kicking it off by building a group on LinkedIn here. Once established, I hope for group members to be able to post questions to the forum and help each other virtually.
In addition, we need to create a focus for face-to-face collaboration and relationships to build. With this in mind I am launching networking events – with experts on hand to answer questions and facilitated discussion to get the collaborative ball rolling. The launch event will be on July 5th at 7pm – tickets are booking fast, find the details here.