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The Bootstrap Broadcast – Sept

I don't know about you, but internally I still seem to run on the school-calendar. September always feels like a time for a fresh start; a time to try a few new things after the summer. Perhaps we're just fuelled by a summer dose of sunshine, but who knows. In my case, it's been my fuel to give our website a major overhaul so that it now actually refers to the coaching, teaching and advisory work...

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The Bootstrap Broadcast – Mar 2018

A big thank you to those of you that have sent in marketing and startup related questions recently. I've thoroughly enjoyed researching the different areas and digging through my content archives to fill the newsletter. It feels like everyone has that Spring-clean feeling going on (perhaps driven by the big thaw), so good luck with your adventures. The newsletter is always [I hope!] packed full of resources, courses & events to grow startups of all sizes...

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[Press] 200 business leaders and MPs sign Telegraph letter urging Government to boost female entrepreneurship in Britain

Our Open Letter to the Telegraph landed today to coincide with International Women's day. Two hundred business leaders, entrepreneurs, Members of Parliament and academics joined The Telegraph in calling on the Government to boost female entrepreneurship in Britain. Leveling the playing field will boost business for the whole country; this is not just about women, this is about equality, progress and economic growth. Read the full article and download the letter here...

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The Bootstrap Broadcast – Jan 2018

I'm not a huge advocate of making resolutions - I prefer the idea of intentions, where there is room for error, reflection and learning with a view to getting to a better place or version in the end. I do however think January is a great time to do this. I'm verging on obsessive when it comes to getting some serious R&R over the festive period as it really does mean we can all come...

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